Studio Shelf, Cape Town

by | Oct 15, 2013 | Africa

It looks like the same rule applies to community engagement as it does physical infrastructure – ‘build it and they will come’! Or so it goes with innovative Cape Town based design firm Studio Shelf.

Studio Shelf has been popping up all over the city in an attempt to better connect and interact with the public. By doing so, the Studio is not only getting some interesting results, but also partnering with local businesses who generously allow them to set up a cafe office or ‘coffice’. It’s a great initiative that hopefully continues and inspires others to meet the public(s) they are designing for.

Read more about it here and visit the Studio Shelf site here.

Also see similar examples – this time in Croydon educating the public about Cancer and another aimed at children, the Info Kiosk Playground in Tokyo.

Image courtesy of Lisa Burnell Graphic Studio Shelf.