Tackling air pollution with algae curtains

by | Jul 9, 2019 | Environmental, Europe, Technological

Innovative ways to tackle climate change/environmental issues whilst improving human health in our cities are definitely something worth highlighting here at Trending City. 

As our cities populations are continuing to grow, many of them still have a high dependence on cars and whilst this causes many issues for climate change both in and outside of urban areas, in our cities this almost becomes a lethal cocktail to human health. 

One project developed by two London based architects from a firm called EcoLogicStudio is using research findings by biologists. These findings found that micro-algae is great at capturing Co2 and releasing oxygen. 

The project essentially involves filling large bioplastic curtains with micro-algae that can be then hung off the sides of buildings. Air then passes through the curtains allowing the micro-algae to absorb the Co2 and release oxygen much like trees do. 

Whilst the whole process achieves something similar to planting more trees would, it is a game changer when it comes to dense urban spaces that often don’t allow much room for traditional trees, but yet have high pollution levels. 

With the possibility to significantly reduce air pollution in our cities and reduce Co2 in the atmosphere will we see Bio-Curtains hanging off buildings in cities across the globe in the near future? 

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Images courtesy of Forward