Morpheus Hotel, world’s first exoskeleton high-rise

by | Oct 17, 2018 | Asia

Here at Trending City we love architecture that challenges both the traditional look and function of our cities.

Morpheus Hotel is the world’s first free-form high rise, designed by Zaha Hadid Architects the structure is located in Macau, China.

The 42 story hotel houses 770 guest rooms, private suites and sky villas. Multiple meeting places, a rooftop pool and an atrium in the lobby are just some of the hotels features. But really the exoskeleton design is the real feature of this building.

An exoskeleton design has allowed a unique piece of architecture to develop with an aesthetically unique design that appears as if it is formed out of water. Not only does the design create something aesthetically different, but placing the structural component on the outside of the building has created internal spaces within the building that are not constricted by walls and beams like a traditional structure.  

As our many of cities have lost a sense of uniqueness with the same old high rises, and the need for space saving design that allows our buildings to be more flexible is increased, this hotel is something that truly embraces both these concepts.

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Photo Credit Ivan Dupont

Photo Credit @designmilk Instagram