Smart Roads, China

by | May 1, 2018 | Asia, Environmental, Technological

China’s new road is powering the country, literally.

Jinan, a city located in the east of China has committed to a new road project seeing over one kilometre of local highway paved with solar panels covered in transparent concrete. This small stretch of road will power around 800 homes as well as highway lighting. Not only will these roads be powering the grid, they will also be equipped with technology to provide traffic and weather updates. This forward-thinking infrastructure holds the technology to allow on-the-go charging for the smart cars of the future.  

As we look around the world, China is delivering this project under a plan to be known for manufacturing more than just clothes and shoes, but also new technologies.

China isn’t the only one adopting this sort of technology, similar projects are popping up in France, the US, Netherlands, Sweden and Hungary. Check out the links below for more.

6 solar roads shaking up infrastructure around the world

Whilst these project are all in the testing phase, the future of roads and cars have never looked more promising and sustainable.