Sidewalk trampolines, Copenhagen

by | Jun 22, 2018 | Community, Engagement, Europe

At TC we love seeing people engaged with the built environment in fun and interactive ways.

What better way than trampoline sidewalks?

Down the Havnegade in Copenhagen, you’ll find a series of five soft-play trampolines built into the sidewalk by the canal. The trampolines are rarely unoccupied with kids and adults alike, drawn to the opportunity for spontaneity in the city!

We were excited to see this awesome project popping up on media here and there!

Another project we love that explores the softness of the city is in Bourges France. The co-produced installation by the National School of Art de Bourges, the PRAC Centre and the downtown Council district questions the harshness of the city and the grounds capacity to change. A simulated ‘bubble’ as such sits under the surface of the ground, unexpectedly shifting shape as people walk over it.

Photo credit: Runningwhitehorse