Homebiogas, Tel Aviv

by | Mar 23, 2017 | Engagement, Environmental, Technological

When what comes out of your kitchen goes back in – you know you’re cooking with gas!

HomeBiogas makes that motto more than just a fancy tagline, for them it’s a reality. The Israeli startup has designed a family sized, affordable biogas system that converts any organic waste into clean cooking gas and high quality liquid fertiliser for the garden. 

Transforming home gas usage from a linear, unsustainable process to a closed-loop eco-cycle. Up to 6 litres of food (scraps, meat, dairy) can be digested, and each kg will give you 1hr cooking in return! 

Australian innovators BioBowser are also on to it, offering a range of packaged biogas plants and modules that can treat between 50kgs and 20,000kgs of organic waste per day! 

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Photo Credit: Homebiogas