Faces of Diversity

by | Nov 27, 2018 | Australia, Cultural, Housing, Oceania

At Trending city we love nothing more than highlighting the way art can not only uplift a city aesthetically, but also tackle real social issues in our cities.

One artist is doing just that with his latest work. Matt Adnate is a born and breed Melbourne artists that is known for his large scale murals and canvas works. A large majority of his projects celebrate diversity with many of them depicting Indigenous Australians, migrants and people from all walks of life.

Matt has pieces all over Australia and the world, but his latest work in Collingwood, Victoria, Australia is something to talk about. This mural was commissioned by Judy Roller a street art collective and happens to be the tallest mural in the Southern Hemisphere with the piece spanning over the side of a 20 story building.

The real winner of this work is this building is public housing and will feature two of the building’s residents, Badria an Ethiopian Oromo Woman and 6 year old Arden. Arden was very excited to have his face on his building and Badria said it gave her a real sense of belonging and inclusion in her community.

Collingwood is a rather diverse suburb in Melbourne with people from all different backgrounds so it’s great to see artists like Matt celebrating this.

To see more of Matt’s work click here and here or here and here to see similar projects.

Photo credit: Matt Adnate’s Instagram