Urban Decay

by | Aug 29, 2018 | Artistic, Australia

Joshua Smith’s Urban decay exhibition is changing the way we view decay to help us better understand the character and history of our cities.

Quite commonly, preference is given to shiny new buildings and spaces over older ones, forgetting that these older and often more decayed buildings and spaces also represent the history and story of the city.

Joshua Smith, an Adelaide based artist has really highlighted this issue with his latest exhibition. This exhibition showcases some quite detailed models that well depict urban decay in Sydney, Adelaide and Brooklyn. These details include rust and grime marks, boarded up windows and graffitied for sale signs, all indicators of urban decay that any city dweller can relate to.

Urban Decay already has people talking with The Australian Design Centre not only showcasing Joshua’s work but also forming a discussion panel of Sydney based Architects and a Historian to discuss both the importance of urban decay understanding the past and future of our cities.

Check out Urban Decay between 2nd August- 26th September here or to check any of Joshua’s other work here

Images courtesy of Joshua Smith’s Instagram.