Simple Tech helps homeless find Shelter

by | Mar 11, 2019 | Australia, Oceania, Technological

Whilst Trending City loves discussing fun and cool new projects in our cities sometimes we also have to some more serious problems our cities face and homelessness is definitely one of them.

Homelessness is a major issue cities right around the world face. The issue with homelessness isn’t often just temporary rough sleeping, but the long cycle of poverty this displacement can create for an individual.

Today, there many shelters that are able to assist homeless people with a place to sleep, shower and maybe a hot meal. Additionally many places offer support or a referral to services that assist in finding permanent solutions such as welfare and employment services.

The issue for many homeless people may be the fact that whilst these services are out there, their existence or whereabouts may not be known by someone that is in this situation, with no access to a smart phone or internet.

However, Stockholm is trying to change all that with what is really quite a simple plan. In many cities across the globe we now see digital advertising screens, we see them in train stations, shopping centres and on the street, I mean Time Square and Piccadilly Circus are just two examples.  

In Stockholm these digital advertising screens are now being used to display information on where the closest homeless shelter is and provide directions.

I think we can agree that this is quite a simple use of existing technology in cities that could make a massive difference to those experiencing homelessness.

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Photo credit- Fast Company