The Colour Run, Sydney

by | Feb 25, 2013 | Australia

by Sarah Pow.​

​Want to exercise and have fun in a new crazy, vibrant & colour filled way? Then the 5km Swisse Colour Run is just the event for you! It doesn’t matter what age you are, or how fit you are, you could be the next Olympian or the complete opposite, this event is catered for everyone. 

Check out a great video of the event here. ​

At the start everyone is a blank white canvas in their matching white T-shirts, or if your adventurous, like some people were in Sydney, you can do it in a crazy outfit such as a wedding dress or a lab coat.  On arrival you are given a single packet of colour powder and must resist the temptation to use it all before the finish line. As you run, walk or skip there are 5 different zones, where your body soon becomes sprayed and covered in different colours at the 5 colour stations. The last colour station is at the finish line, where the colour party definitely begins again, and if you think you could outrun the colours throughout the 5km, here your body will not be able to miss the colour nor miss the fun and action. 

Although you have just finished the 5km distance, and successfully made it through the colour bombing alive, the event doesn’t stop there! As your reward, there is a DJ stage and a variety different foods, drinks and other entertainment.  Here the music was pumping, the crowds were dancing and the colours were still flying. In a way, your body just could not reject the fun.  Overall, you came, you ran, you were coloured and you coloured others…a great event for any city and a day not to miss!

At each event The Swisse Colour Run raises money for different charities, so not only are you having an awesome time, exercising and throwing colours on yourself, your friends and strangers but you are helping a good cause. You can visit their website here.         

Image courtesy of @melissahagarty.