Green Walls, Sydney

by | Apr 5, 2013 | Australia, Environmental, Garden, Housing

Across the world green walls are in high demand. City officials see their importance in greening cities, making them look prettier but also on a more simplistic level, cleaning the air. Local residents are also increasingly attracted to the ‘green’ aesthetic, a design that matches their lifestyle. In essence, green walls are bringing nature into the compact city.

At ​Central Park, Sydney, green walls have been designed to cover the entire facade of apartment buildings. Located just outside the Sydney CBD, this urban renewal project is transforming the former Carlton United Brewery site into a garden paradise, with green walls and a heliostat with mirrored panels to redirect sunlight to the site.

It’s the latest and possibly the most extensively ‘green walled’ project in Australia. As the apartment blocks start to grow, so does the greenery. We’re looking forward to seeing this place grow over the coming years.

Text by Laura Schmahmann. Image courtesy of John O’Callaghan.​