A Di Città, Rosarno

by | Nov 21, 2013 | Europe

You will never look at peppers the same way after seeing this amazing installation as part of A Di Città.

Located in Rosarno, a small town in Calabria, Italy, A Di Città involved a collective of artists to install a series of interventions based on collaboration, partnership and sharing.

These peppers were part of Peperonata Nocturna, an installation by luzinterruptus, an artistic group focusing on urban interventions in public space. “We used 2,000 precious yellow and red peppers, brought from nearby fields, to which we added lights and hung on ropes, forming a colorful natural canopy.” The installation concluded with a feast of left over peppers and celebration of a successful intervention.

Read more about this amazing installation here and stay in touch with luzinterruptus on facebook here.

Image courtesy of luzinterruptus.