BioCup Art Series, Australia

by | Jul 11, 2015 | Australia

Curated by Project OKYO and distributed by Australian sustainable packaging company, BioPak, the BioCup Art Series interrupts the daily coffee ritual with an injection of art.

The project activates an unusual urban surface and awakens the need for sustainable choices in the consumer space. The first BioCup Art Series was launched in August 2013, working with artists who are passionate about the environment and use related themes in their work. These artists identified the project as a platform to gain exposure for their work and celebrated the opportunity they had to share their passions and create change.

Over 36 artists have now been printed on over 10 Million BioCups, distributed Australia and New Zealand wide. 18 new artists are engaged each quarter. The success of the project has been mapped with the Instagram hashtag #biocupartseries and hundreds have snapped and shared the now visibly beautiful resources that are at the core of their daily coffee ritual.

Discover more about this art series here and connect online with Project OKYO here

Images via Instagram