Hero Cultural Walls, World

by | Mar 21, 2013 | Artistic, Oceania

While in the past, street artists have enjoyed the privacy of back alleys and hidden spaces, an emerging trend for 2013 appears to be the super sized installation of hero cultural walls.

Here at Trending City we can’t get enough of these larger than life celebrations and what we’re seeing is an art that’s moving straight from the galleries and onto our streets.

​ Just today, a new artwork by VHILS was installed in the historic Rocks area of Sydney and coincided with an opening exhibition in a gallery a few metres down the road. The installation depicts Jack Mundey, a local legend who helped save the Rocks from modernisation and city high rises.  

Across the Tasman and a crowd funding campaign in Auckland is raising money to support local street art, including pieces depicting local cultural heroes. And while not always featuring local heroes as such, it’s also happening in Cuba, London and Los Angeles.

Get in touch if this is happening in your ‘hood!