Sugar Beach, Toronto

by | Apr 5, 2013 | Americas, Summer

Urban revitalization at it’s ‘sweetest’! Designed by renowned Canadian landscape architect Claude Cormier, this development is one of a string of man-made beaches along Toronto’s newly revitalized downtown waterfront.

Inspired by the sugar spray that drifts across the site, from the neighboring Redpath Sugar Factory, this whimsical design incorporates stripped candy-inspired objects and fairy floss pink furniture. It’s so far been a hit with locals and visitors!

The success of Sugar Beach has largely grown from a dedicated social program that allows the site to thrive as a vibrant public space. Through unique events, such as it’s open-air cinema session (complete with an inflatable screen mounted on a customised barge), Sugar Beach has not only gained popularity, but social and cultural value and meaning.

While the artificial beach has received some criticism for prohibiting access to it’s waterfront, it stands to offer a unique urban beach experience that plays on the memory of “beach”. It provides city dwellers with a place to escape, soak up the sun, and engage in community life – and it get’s a nod of approval from the TC team!

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Top image courtesy Claude Cormier Associates. 
Bottom image courtesy Jesse Colin Jackson.