Laneways, Vancouver

by | Sep 28, 2016 | Americas, Engagement

It is great to see cities reimagining their laneways into more diverse public spaces! 

Vancouverites are transforming three alleyways in their city into vibrant gathering spaces. The pilot project, located at West Hastings, included a repainting of the alley and the addition of a foosball court, basketball hoop and cafe patio to the space.

Realising the potential for underused laneways is a trend we can track over the past few decades. If Vancouver activated all 200 downtown alleys, their public space would increase as much as 30%!

Other cities like Berlin, London and Melbourne which can credit much of its recent CBD liveability success to laneways by boldly transformed their linear public spaces into cosy arcades is a continuing success. 

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Photo credit: @alikenyon and More Awesome Now