The Lowline Lab, New York

by | Oct 19, 2015 | Americas, Transport

You may have heard of the High Line (once, twice or a million times)?! Well now, New Yorkers are looking underground, and want to reclaim subterranean space for public good. 

The clever brains at (non-profit) Lowline want to turn an abandoned trolley terminal under Delancey Street into a public green space.

After a successful kickstarter campaign, that went viral raising more than $220000, the Lowline collective have launched a Lab space in Manhattan.  It will become a living laboratory to investigate how best to grow plants, and an even more difficult task, a public park underground.  

On the weekend, over 2,500 people visited the public launch of the Lowline Lab with the space remaining free and open to the public every Saturday and Sunday through to March 2016.

If you’re in NYC make sure to drop by and let us know your thoughts. Visit Lowline here and see pictures from the launch here 

Top image courtesy of Lowline and bottom image courtesy Charlie Grosso