Rainbow Crossing, Sydney

by | Apr 13, 2013 | Australia, Transport

A few weeks ago Trending City looked at the Rainbow Crossing in Oxford Street, Sydney. The City of Sydney had painted a rainbow crossing in Sydney’s well known GBLT precinct and just in time for the 35th Mardi Gras. The crossing was symbolic of gay pride and a favourite among tourists and locals.

Costing more than $100,000, the project had been supported by local and state Government. Check out the video of its installation here. However in the past week the crossing has been removed by the state government due to safety concerns. In protest and a great display of tactical urbanism, chalk DIY rainbow crossings have been popping up all over Sydney including Bondi Beach, Parramatta and Paddington. We’re looking forward to see where this takes us and if it has enough momentum to bring back the rainbow crossing.

​To see all the crossings search #diyrainbowcrossing or #rainbowcrossing on instagram! Or follow on facebook here.

The Sydney crossing followed in the footsteps of a similar initiative in West Hollywood – click here for more details.

Read more about painting the city here. ​

​TOP IMAGE: courtesy of ​Laura Harding.

BOTTOM IMAGE: ​courtesy of Nicola Grieve. ​