Magnetic Skate Park, Barcelona

by | Aug 5, 2015 | Europe, Technological

Anyone heading to Spain soon? Stop by this park and see if anything weird/different/awesome is going down. 

It appears, Lexus have just built (adapted) a custom skatepark for hoverboards, using technology called SLIDE. In short, it looks like the boards work because of the inbuilt liquid nitrogen and magnets laid directly into the ground.  While only in prototype phase, and not for general release, it could be an interesting project to watch. 

Here at TC, we’re inspired by Sci Fi films of the past (and future). In a world dominated by ideas, are we dreaming big enough? Could this hoverboard tech one day help transport cargo across continents, deliver aid to drought affected countries or even help redefine how our cities form?

In the meantime, watch this video and learn more about the SLIDE project here

Image courtesy Lexus.