Lego Bombing, Europe

by | Feb 27, 2013 | Artistic, Europe

Yarn bombing ​was so 2012! This year it’s all about lego bombing and getting back to your childhood roots. Lego bombing, like other tactical interventions, is simple – find a small crack in your city and fill it with colourful yellow bricks.

People involved with lego bombing, known in the ‘industry’ as dispatchers, work with plastic construction bricks (PCB) to add some colour and interest to the urban fabric. ​

Brain child of Jan Vormann, street artist in Berlin, lego bombing is a great, playful ​idea that connects with all ages, and as the map shows, is growing quickly across the world!

For more details and some amazing images check out the website here. And the video here.​

Images courtesy of dispatchers. ​