Barrangal dyara, Sydney

by | Sep 16, 2016 | Artistic, Australia, Garden, Oceania

At TC we are inspired at how public art can transform a site to communicate history, architecture and culture!

Jonathan Jones’ evocative sculptural installation at the Sydney Botanical Gardens pays homage to the sadness felt by Aboriginal people across Australia for the destruction of their culture through British invasion and loss of countless culturally significant artefacts.

Barrangal dyara (skin and bones) consists of 15,000 artificial shields in the footprint of the grand Garden Palace, built in 1879 as an exhibition center and burnt to the ground only three years after opening, destroying many items of aboriginal heritage. 

The intentions of designer Jonathan Jones were to visually represent a story important to Aboriginal history in the public domain, as he states: 

“Historically, Aboriginal history has always been forgotten… you get used to that as an Aboriginal person: you’re constantly having to tell the mainstream community about Aboriginal history and that everything didn’t happen after 1788”.

It’s the 32nd project by Kaldor Public Art Projects and will take over the Sydney Botanical Gardens for two weeks. Check out the installation if you’re in town and share with us your thoughts! 

For more info see Kaldor Public Art Projects, and to see the installation from the top see this!

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Steven Siewart

Peter Greig 

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