Weiss Hospital Rooftop Garden, Chicago

by | May 3, 2015 | Americas, Garden

Here at TC we love a good rooftop garden. It gets even better when we hear stories of how that garden grows food where there was once cars. Enter Weiss Hospital, Chicago.

In 2009, a local not-for-profit, Loud Grade Produce Squad, took over the rooftop parking lot of Weiss Hospital and today, it now provides excess produce to the local farmers market down the road.

The ‘Squad’ and Hospital have also partnered with schools, to educate kids about the importance of agriculture, and other organizations doing good in Chicago such as Heartland Alliance for Refugees.

Read more about an earlier prototype project at the Hospital here, more on the ‘Squad’ here. Also check out more urban agriculture initiatives happening in Chicago here

You can also follow the ‘Squad’ on instagram @loudgradeps.

Images courtesy Weiss Hospital.