Experimental Film Photography, Sydney

by | Jul 10, 2015 | Artistic, Australia

At TC we love Instagram. It’s by far one of our favourite platforms and is only getting bigger/more relevant as we increasingly crave imagery over text (return of hieroglyphics anyone??!). 

One standout account we love to follow for inspiration and creativity is @jaunknown or Jessica Bee, a Sydney based film photography artist. 

Working with 35mm film, preferably expired, and old SLRs Jess is attempting to give old equipment new life. She uses a 35mm film manipulation technique where she soaks her rolls in any number of substances prior to shooting to create analogue effects that look like they could have been made digitally; these substances could be anything from coffee to aftershave to bleach. Additionally, she uses multiple exposures and negative scanning techniques in creating her images. In doing so, she creates images that bring on feeling of nostalgia and make you believe there is more to this world than what we see. She is inspired by all things ethereal, unusual, imaginary and odd. 

Visit her website for more information and inspiration. 

Images courtesy Jessica Bee.